Interacting is a disability arts theatre company in Auckland.
Their drama workshops and performances offer a creative outlet for people with various abilities.
Their Make-A-Film projects offer an exciting opportunity for participants to be actively involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process. Each project is unique and the results are often surprising.

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The friday film making class has just released their latest film

2014 project "The Big Shots"

2013 project "The Royal End"


The Cast
Margaret Castle - The Queen
Peter Fistonich - The King
Jimmy Sheum - Scientist
Yung Chen - Scientist
Ricky Taylor - TV Entertainer
Gunpat Valabh - Servant
Ta'a Pata' Anga - Onlooker

Directed by Hank

A big thanks to IDEA Services for their support
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2012 project  "It's Tricky"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3