A Country of Two Halves

Public performance of the 2018 Young & Hungry Tour 

Directed by Patrick Davies and featuring Laura Thompson, Ariadne Baltazar, Patrick Tafa and Liam Hughes.

A Country of Two Halves consists of extracts from New Zealand plays that help us understand how the ‘other half’ live: whether it be the haves and the have nots, rural and city, or privileged and un-empowered.

This 45-minute bare bones programme of New Zealand theatre (followed by a five-minute Q&A) can open discussion about the misunderstandings that keep us divided and what brings us together.

The show includes extracts from Wednesday to Come (Renée), Ka Shue (Letters Home) (Lynda Chanwai-Earle), Urban Hymns (MÄ«ria George), Broken River (Ralph McCubbin Howell), The Debate (Riwia Brown), Revenge of the Amazons (Jean Betts), Sham (Jess Sayer), and The Tutor (Dave Armstrong).

About Young & Hungry Arts Trust

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