Swabhoomi: Borrowed Earth

by Prayas Theatre

Prayas Theatre company has developed a poignant and emotive piece in the all new Swabhoomi - Borrowed Earth. Following the tracks of the first Indians to arrive in Aotearoa, through the generations and through the country’s modern history, Swabhoomi shares the 150 years that Indians have grown and learnt in New Zealand.

This stunning production merges theatre, movement, puppetry, poetry and music to explore the intricacies of the Kiwi-Indian experience, from migrants who dug gold in the Otago rushes to digging up vegetables in Pukekohe today. Not shying away from the gritty issues of immigration, the stories told range from the lives of early Indian migrants facing the backlash of white extremists, through to the dilemma of students facing deportation today.


Devised by: The Prayas cast
Assisted by: Sananda Chatterjee & Nona Shedde
Conceived and Directed by Ahi Karunaharan