Tom's Marvellous Imagination

Presented by TAPAC and The Stage Company

Tom loves his parents very much and he always does as he is told…well, almost always.  His Mum and Dad have serious faces and immaculate suits and work very hard in the city. They strongly believe, as some people do, that Tom should read lots and lots of SERIOUS books, FACTUAL books about people who lived long ago, or books with lots of NUMBERS in them. In Tom’s house the word IMAGINATION is banned. He is NEVER allowed to read story books – no Peter Pan, no Alice in Wonderland, no Jack and the Beanstalk. Until one day Tom’s grumpy Grandmother comes to stay and his mind is opened to a whole new world…a world that comes from inside the wardrobe!

Join Tom as some well-known storybook characters turn his world into chaos. Will he be able to save the day using his imagination? Find out!

Tom’s Marvellous Imagination is an interactive theatre production taking children and adults into a storybook world full of well-known characters.

Aimed at 4-12-year-olds, the production features lots of song, dance and adventurous exploits!

“My children were totally mesmerized by Tom’s Marvellous Imagination! It felt like a journey through a beautiful childhood you’d wish upon. My children didn’t stop talking about it for days.” Aysha Mullan, Mother of Grace and Ethan and previous audience member.

However the production also touches on the importance of imaginative play and having time out to just ‘be a kid’.

“With this work, we explore the importance of coming home, forgetting about the homework, or any of those kinds of pressures, and remembering to lie on the ground and gaze at the clouds, letting your imagination run wild.” says director Nancy Schroder.

Nancy Schroder – director and co-writer
Nancy has over 30 years’ experience as a theatre director, actor, dancer and choreographer. As artistic director of the Stage Company and KISS Theatre she produces and directs four professional children’s shows a year that are attended by more than 30,000 kiwi children. She is also the principal director of The Auckland Academy of Dance.

Jess Sayer – writer
Jess is an award-winning playwright who has created works for adults and children. Her previous children’s productions include Dexter’s Deep Sea Discovery and Dexter’s Amazing African Adventure.

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Presented by TAPAC and The Stage Company