Are you an aspiring Actor? Do you love to have fun and make people laugh?

Develop your comedic and Improvisational skills these school holidays with Industry professional Marlon Eraso.

This workshop is designed for children who love to have fun and want to learn the art of comedy using the techniques of Theatre Improvisation. Through the spontaneity of improvisation and theatre games, this course develops children's creativity,  enhances communication skills and opens up their imagination.

The elements to be explored during the workshop are:

Comic and dramatic elements include: characterization, dialogue, story,  sound and setting.

Creative exercises divide into: dramatization, improvisation as a playwriting tool and comedic structures.

Perception and Expression Exercises include: observation, concentration, memory,  sensory awareness, imitation and reflection.

Physical exercises are divided into rhythmic movement, energetic movement and body awareness.
During the exercises children are given roles and collaborate in groups. 


But at the end of the day what will matter most is the experience of understanding the fun in learning and getting to know themselves and others by sharing, not competing.


Marlon Eraso


Born in Colombia, Marlon has more than 12 years of extensive experience working in different aspects of Drama and Theatre Education for children. Marlon holds a Bachelor in Performing Arts Education, specialising in physical training, improvisation and theatre games for actors and non actors. Marlon is an actor, playwright and Director. His credits as a Director include, among others, Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s dream, The Hattaway House, Five Blind in a country of Deaf, Ionesco’s The lesson and To the Right of God Father.
He’s currently directing his first production in New Zealand with the Hawkins Youth Theatre Company, The Grimm stories by David McPhail.

He brings experience, charisma and a lot of latin passion to the table.