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Advanced Screen Acting (11-14+ years)

This class is for years 7/8/9 as well as younger students who are very focused and keen to work with longer scripts and more advanced scenes in a disciplined environment.

Advanced Screen Acting 10-14+ TAPAC
Acting & Drama
  • Thursdays, to
    4:30pm - 5:30pm
Fiona Edgar
TAPAC class

This advanced level class encourages each student's unique creativity and confidence while they learn what makes a great TV or film performance. Various performance scenarios and characters are explored and scripts are learnt, filmed and watched back for review.

Teaching artist

Fiona Edgar

Fiona has worked in the performing arts for 30 years as a writer and performer of live comedy, as an actor on various TV commercials and as an actor in popular TV series such as Brokenwood Mysteries, Supercity, Terry Teo and Shortland Street. Fiona has also spent over a decade working as a casting director of commercials, drama and film.