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Improvisation (Adults 16+)

Improvisation is an unbeatable way for inexperienced actors to access theatre and a superb tool for experienced actors looking to upskill themselves.

Adult Improvisation classes TAPAC
Acting & Drama
  • Thursdays, to
    7:00pm - 9:00pm
Marlon Eraso Ortiz
TAPAC class

Use theatre improvisation games to strengthen your acting and social skills, develop the tools to create characters and use the techniques of drama composition.

This class is suitable for those with experience in performance as well as those who have never performed at all. The improvisation games in this class will foster your capacity to deal imaginatively with the unexpected. They will help you to develop and discover your creativity and spontaneity and will strengthen your acting and social skills.

By implementing the principles of improvisation, including: agreement, listening, focus, building on information and staying in the present, you will learn about yourself while playing in a safe environment. Learn the structure of a scene, develop the tools to create characters and use the techniques of drama composition through theatre games.

"Fun, mind-blowing ... a great class!" 

Teaching artist

Marlon Eraso

Marlon Eraso Ortiz

Born in Colombia, actor, playwright and director Marlon has more than 12 years’ experience working in different aspects of drama and theatre education. He has a Bachelor in Performing Arts Education and worked extensively in physical theatre training, improvisation and theatre games for actors and non-actors.