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Acting & Drama
  • Mondays, to
    08:00 pm - 09:30 pm
Stephen Papps
TAPAC class

Discover the art of speech-making with award-winning actor and speaker Stephen Papps. You’ll cover everything from sourcing inspiration and learning exercises for posture, body language and vocal clarity to the psychology of confident speaking…

Stephen will show you how to get your mind into a creative state. You’ll do various exercises to inspire interesting ideas, “then you will dig even deeper to get to the heart of your … well, heart, until you uncover the subject that resounds with you.”

Once you’ve landed on the idea that inspires you the most, you will shape your speech into a 7 minute format. Your speech will be structured with the building blocks for story-telling and how to test the resilience of the idea.

You will then learn your speech with the help of some memory exercises. You’ll discover how to get into a performance state, which involves using physiology to get you into a relaxed and confident state.

You’ll learn exercises for posture, body language and vocal clarity. Stephen will also explore the psychology of speech-making. You’ll build confidence and learn how you talk to yourself; “we are all our own inner coaches – we can’t escape it, so it’s important how we deal with mistakes, failure and success; the right attitude can have you feeling relaxed and alert.”

Students will perform their speeches and get feedback, with work-ons.

There will also be plenty of homework, for students to get a feel for working in a solo environment.

There will be a maximum of 10 students in the class.

Teaching artist

Stephen Papps TAPAC

Stephen Papps

Stephen is an actor with 32 years’ professional experience. He is also a current member of Toastmasters International. In 1992, Stephen won best actor at the New Zealand Film awards for ‘End of the Golden Weather’. He was also nominated for best actor at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards for ‘Blowing It’; and again for ‘No Naughty Bits’. He was also nominated for best actor for the New Zealand Film Awards, the Garden State Film Awards and the Maverick Independent Film Awards for ‘Russian Snark’. From 1999-2015 Stephen co-wrote and performed his solo theatre comedy/drama ‘Blowing It’. He performed the show throughout New Zealand, Australia, Edinburgh, England, Ireland and Berlin, to glowing reviews. In 2012, he wrote and performed ‘Third Person, Tense’ at Auckland’s Basement Theatre. Stephen has performed at theatres and comedy clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand as stand-up comedian Pappsy. From 2019-2020 he took his show ‘Stood Up’ to Adelaide and Auckland Fringe festivals.