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Voice Training (16+)

Learn techniques that use your whole body to produce a wider range of bigger, fuller sounds with less effort.

Voice Training at TAPAC
Acting & Drama
  • Saturdays, to
    1:00pm - 2:00pm
Juliet Furness
TAPAC class

Using visionary voice techniques embraced by Harvard, Juilliard, Yale and actors such as Kyra Sedgwick, Dianne Weist and Val Kilmer, this exciting and fun course will not only change your voice, it may just change your life..

Voice tutor Juliet Furness trained in New York with voice visionaires Catherine Fitzmaurice and Carol Fox Prescott learning techniques she says have 'hit the world like a tornado'.

“We think of voice as coming from the throat, where it originates, but voice is much more than that. To use the piano as an analogy - if you pluck the strings alone, uncased, they make a sharp, tinny sound.  It’s the whole piano that makes beautiful sound. The voice is the same – it’s your whole body that makes sound. The physical-based voice training I teach addresses the whole body, which we tone like a tuning fork to receive more vibration of the voice. This is done with a set of physical positions that create a slight tremor. The tremor loosens tension that stops vibration, that cuts down voice. The result is a bigger, fuller sound and wider range with less effort.  Toning the whole system increases the capability of the body to resonate. Sound is vibration – we are the instrument.When we are capable of creating more vibration, we become more vibrant!"

Voice classes are for anyone who wants more power in their voice, more confidence and less anxiety in social and public-speaking situations.

"It was so fun to try a new approach to voice training with Juliet, especially learning about her different techniques. After just one session with her I learned so much.! I'm looking forward to working with her again." Jessica Tyson - Miss World New Zealand 2018

'Fantastic, unfolding, liberating.'
'Liberating, magic.'
'Intensity, freedom, beauty.'
'Has contributed greatly to my skill and confidence overall."
''Exceeded expectations by far.'

'Tremendous, endless value."
'Helped massively. Both vocal projection but has also opened me up as a person."
'Huge value to public speakers, and to general and deep personal growth overall."
'Fun. spontaneous and uplifting."

Class Feedback, 2018

* Please note - Voice Term 4 is a shorter course than usual, with 7 classes over 7 weeks.


Teaching artist

Juliet Furness

Juliet Furness

Juliet spent 17 years acting, studying and teaching in New York and LA.  She worked at the Film Acting Studio LA as assistant tutor to top LA acting coach Jeremiah Comey (Avatar, The Twilight Saga, Fight Club and Titanic) and has studied with Seth Barrish, Anne Hathaway’s private acting coach.  Juliet’s Voice Training students have been accepted to some of the world’s top performing arts schools and have appeared in Shortland Street, 800 Words, The Cul De Sac, Hillary, Ash vs Evil Dead, American Crime, In a Flash and The Han Chronicles.