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  • Wednesdays, to
    6:00pm - 7:00pm
Rina Chae, Kaitlyn Parry
TAPAC class

Unleash your inner K-Pop star with this high-energy course! Learn the latest K-Pop moves from professional K-Pop choreographers and dancers...

Each term, students will work on completing a song. Some classes will be taught by special guests from the K-Pop industry. , 

You won't just learn the steps - you'll be encouraged to perform like K-Pop stars!

Stand-out students will be given the opportunity to perform in videos. 


Teaching artist

Rina Chae TAPAC

Rina Chae

Kpop Choreographer & Agent

Raised in Auckland, Korean-Kiwi choreographer and teacher Rina Chae traveled the world dancing - as a commercial and back-up dancer for US artists, and as an assistant teacher at the prestigious Millenium Dance Complex - before making her way home in 2015. 

Rina's career blossomed in the K-Pop industry after choreographing K-Pop Queen BoA's come-back single "Who Are You." She now works as a choreographer and choreography agent for many girl-bands and boy-bands. Choreography Credits include: AOA, SF9, Monsta X, Cosmic Girls, BoA, Stephanie. She has worked as an agent for FNC, Starship and Crekker. Rina's work features dancers from her Street Candee Dance Company, an all female dance company specializing in Heels, Jazz Funk & Hip Hop. 

Teaching artist

Kaityln Parry TAPAC

Kaitlyn Parry

Kaitlyn has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She is trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical and acro. In 2016 Kaitlyn found KPOP and was drawn to the choreography. In the same year her and her KPOP Cover Group - S'more competed in K-Culture Festival in Wellington placing 3rd and then again at Kfest in Auckland again placing 3rd out of 30 amazing singers and dancers. Her group S'more continues to perform and compete throughout Auckland as well as spending their free timing learning KPOP and filming videos for YouTube. Kaitlyn is also a jazz and ballet teacher at the studio she attends and has a wealth of knowledge in teaching and choreographing different kinds of dance.