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Kuthu Dance Fitness for Women 18+

Dappan Koothu (also known as kuthu) is an energetic folk dance and music genre with an emphasis on percussion performed in the South Indian states of India. It is relatively informal. 

Kuthu Dance Fitness TAPAC
  • Sundays, to
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm
$15 per class
 Padma Akula, Ashley Shillong

Kuthu Nation Fitness offers an energetic, up-beat dance fitness class for beginners featuring all of your favourite Kuthu songs.

Kuthu Nation Fitness is designed by Padma Akula to be a safe space for anyone who identify themselves as 18+ woman/womxn or have been looking for a safe space to dance amongst others who identify themselves as woman/womxn.

Whether you’re a University student, new mama or your kids have already flown the nest – and whatever your fitness level is, you decide how much you want to sweat. You decide how low impact or advanced, you want to groove. 

Come dancerise with us.

Kindly bring: water bottle and towel 

Clothing suggestions: A pair of supportive shoes that are designed for cross-training and will absorb impact. Clothing that you can move in, and that is breathable and comfortable for you.

Parking: Kindly arrive 15 mins early, as parking sometimes can be tricky (if it is a clear day Zoo visitors take up the available parking). 

If you have any questions: Please email [email protected]

Otherwise just rock up on the day and join us for a groovy kuthu dance session.  

Bank transfer or cash accepted.

We are totally thrilled to be bringing this to life in Auckland.

Teaching artist

Padma Akula TAPAC

 Padma Akula

 Padma is a creative polymath and critically acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist and designer for stage and screen. With a career spanning over 15 years with over 90 productions under her belt, her practice ranges from artistic to administrative, reflective of her global influences, training, and experience. From large scale film productions for Madras Talkies in Chennai, India, to crafting her art of screenwriting from The New York Film Academy, Padma's body of work is taken her across oceans, developing her skills as a much sought after project manager, director, producer, costume designer, makeup artist, and writer. Padma is the Founder of Joy Mob International, Kuthu Nation, and Co-founder of Artham Dance Company, all artistic endeavours committed to building communities through movement and shifting how we engage with the arts. Her works for Artham dance company have won multiple awards, and the works featured at Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland Satellites, and other platforms that push form and boundaries. JoyMob garnered international attention and was featured on CNN. Pioneering dance work to community initiatives and event management, from artistic leadership to mentoring and management, creative solutions, innovation, uplifting mana, and pushing boundaries is at the heart of her work. 

Teaching artist

Ashley Shillong TAPAC

Ashley Shillong

Ashley Shillong's creative contribution in dance and theatre choreography to the city of Chennai, India, and internationally is varied and much acclaimed.  His broad experience in performing arts and theatre has shaped him into a creative and versatile performer and movement coach. Over the years, Ashley has organised and conducted workshops on movement and body language, helping several students overcome their inhibitions and become confident performers. He has worked with various theatre companies in Chennai and recently in New Zealand with Prayas and Silo Theatre. His style is inclusive, encouraging and he believes in adapting to the needs of the groups without compromising on the result. Ashley has thirteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, starting as a dancer and now as an established theatre choreographer. Along with performing at Filmfare awards in Malaysia in 2010 and 2011, he choreographed and acted in the International Theatre Festival for children supported by the British Council in India. One of Ashley's highlights as a performer has been as an actor and choreographer in Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber, directed by Board Walkers in Chennai.