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    09:45 am - 10:30 am
Clare Battersby
TAPAC class

Little Movers introduces young children to the fundamentals of dance and drama using stories, language and movement. This fun class with one of New Zealand's top dance educators helps children to express themselves and develops brain and motor skills...

“Movement or ‘dancing’ of young children has great meaning and value in their lives. There is a natural link between young children’s spontaneous movement expression and their ability to communicate and problem solve creatively.” – Lynch-Fraser, 1991

“Since childhood we’ve used play as a means of expression, development, and communication. When you examine it, play is a serious thing… it provides a harmony of action and spirit.” – Rudolf Laban, 1950

“Children experiment with movement in order to understand and interpret their world and explore their place in it.” – Thraves & Williamson, 1994

“It is a well-established fact that children learn best by ‘doing’. What better way of ‘doing can there be than by moving and dancing creatively?” – Thraves & Williamson, 1994

COVID UPDATE (1 Sep 2021): This class will be held via pre-recorded video tutorials combined with shorter online Zoom sessions on Saturday morning. We are planning to hold make-up classes for the classes missed in the first few weeks of Level 4 lockdown. If ongoing Covid restrictions mean we are not able to hold these make-up classes, you will be refunded for classes not held.

Teaching artist

Clare Battersby TAPAC

Clare Battersby

Clare Battersby is one of New Zealand’s most experienced dance educators, and a treasured, long-term tutor at TAPAC. Clare has a Graduate Diploma in Movement & Dance from the University of Melbourne and has taught dance to young Aucklanders for over 25 years. She creates classes where dance skills are explored, developed and extended in a safe, creative and encouraging environment. Clare also creates and performs her own delightful outdoor events for children. “I love to encourage children to express their natural desire to leap for the stars, roll across the earth and run through empty spaces.” In 2014, Clare received a Kiwibank New Zealander of the year Local Hero award.