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Bucket Drumming Short Course - Kids all ages

Children will learn the basics of drumming in a fun environment with a focus on playing together as a group to make a huge group sound.

Bucket drumming TAPAC
  • Fridays, to
    5:00pm - 6:00pm
$40 for 4 Classes
Demetrius Savai’inaea
TAPAC class

Get in on the bucket drumming craze and make some noise! Tap into your inner rhythm and work together to make some great group sounds.

Bucket drumming, also called street drumming, has a rich history in folk music. It involves drumming on plastic buckets and other objects to create melodies. Said to improve focus and reduce anxiety, bucket drumming is a good cardio workout and is increasingly being used by educators and teachers worldwide as a way to develop rhythm and melody. 

All buckets and drumsticks will be provided.

Teaching artist

Demetrius Savai'inaea Bucket Drumming TAPAC

Demetrius Savai’inaea

Demetrius is a Samoan born, South Auckland raised music loving youth mentor. He has 15 years of experience in the music scene as a drummer and developed his bucket drumming programme to help kids break barriers, stripping back the hype and taking it back to having fun in a collaborative environment.