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Little Musicians (3-4 Years)

This programme helps young children discover the joy of music while exploring rhythm, pitch, tempo and new instruments. 

Little Musicians TAPAC
  • Tuesdays, to
    10:30am - 11:15am
Anda Vitola
TAPAC class

Little Musicians teaches young children basic musical ideas in a fun, supportive environment that also helps to develop listening skills, numeracy and literacy.  

Based on the pedagogical philosophies of the Orff Approach, the Kodaly Concept and Dalcroze Eurhythmics, classes encourage children to learn through practical application - by ‘doing’ that resembles ‘playing’. This is a child-centred teaching method where students will not feel judged or pressured to achieve a certain standard. Musical concepts will be broken down into their simplest forms and taught to children step by step.

Music education in the early stages of brain development is through multi-sensory stimulation that activates connections in the brain and links across the sections and thus trains and develops thinking patterns and creative processes.

Learning music is a springboard for developing creativity through opportunity, strengthening interpersonal growth through communication and personal development in language, listening, fine and gross motor skills, focus, memory and general self-confidence.

TAPAC's café will be open during classes so parents are welcome to relax in our foyer during classes.

Teaching artist

Anda Vitola TAPAC

Anda Vitola

Anda is an experienced early childhood music teacher who plays the violin, piano and ukulele and uses them comprehensively as part of her teaching. She is deeply passionate about educating and stimulating young children and encouraging creative modes of thinking, learning by doing, and giving kids an interest and passion for music. Anda has worked a variety of music programmes, including Singing Rainbows, Lewis Eady Music School early childhood programme, and she continues to work with the Sistema Aotearoa’s early childhood music programme, Puoru Pirere.