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Director's Workshop (11+ Years)

There’s so much more to film and TV directing than yelling ‘action’ into a megaphone.  Find out more about the role with leading screen director Stephen J. Campbell.

Director's workshop TAPAC
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    9:00am - 3:00pm
Stephen J Campbell
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Ham or vegetarian lunchboxes ($10 per day) can be ordered when you pay for the course or pre-ordered each morning.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Peter Jackson or Jane Campion? This fun, practical course will give you a taste of screen directing. 

You’ll learn about constructing scenes and shots, screen geography, storyboarding scenes, editing, chase scenes, shooting indoors and outdoors.

Students will take turns directing and being directed from sample scripts to gain a full understanding of the role.

Please bring a notebook and pen to the workshop.

Teaching artist

Teaching artist

Stephen Campbell Tutor Make a Film TAPAC

Stephen J Campbell

Stephen Campbell has thirty years’ experience in the television industry and has worked as a writer, director and producer on a wide variety of genres, including award winning comedy and drama. Stephen co-created and associate produced the award-winning ICE TV and created the childrenʼs drama series, Secret Agent Men (TV3). Stephen also oversaw the production of three seasons of critically-acclaimed and award-winning series The Amazing Extraordinary Friends (TV2). Stephen’s latest drama is the sci-fi thriller The Cul de Sac (TV2).