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Musical Theatre Showstoppers (8-12 years)

This creative and engaging 5-day programme takes a modern approach to musical theatre and helps students work towards showstopping musical theatre performances.

Musical Theatre Showstoppers TAPAC
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    9:00am - 3:00pm
Brayden Jeffrey, Ashleigh Clark
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Ham or vegetarian lunchboxes ($10 per day) can be ordered when you pay for the course or pre-ordered each morning.


This high-energy course teaches students singing, acting and choreography techniques for showstopping musical theatre performances. Be prepared to give it your all and build your confidence in a fun, friendly group!

Beginners are welcome and no prior experience of musical theatre is necessary.

Students will learn how movement and music support the message of the lyrics  in songs and there will be the opportunity for solo and duet work.

Students will work towards a performance for friends and family on the final afternoon of the programme.


Teaching artist

Teaching artist

Brayden Jeffrey TAPAC

Brayden Jeffrey

A songwriter from a young age, Brayden has written and performed for bands, theatre and television.  His skills include vocals, playing piano and guitar, musical direction, composition, arrangement and audio engineering. He majored in Popular Music at Auckland University, has scored for many short films, including 'Anatomically Correct', 'Bars & Tone', 'The Clearing',  and 'The Sapphire Vase' and wrote the music and lyrics to musicals 'The Golden Days: A Zombie Romp' and 'Schlunted: An Original Musical'.

Teaching artist

ashleigh clark TAPAC

Ashleigh Clark

Ashleigh is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer. She studied dance at Ettingshausens in Sydney and has taught dance at Interfusion, Ruske Performing Arts (Former RMDA) and Rose McRae Dance Academy. Ashleigh has also studied acting and singing in Australia and has appeared in various musical theatre shows (including 'Mama Mia) and on television ('Shortland Street' and 'Jono & Ben').