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Screenwriting Workshop (11+ years)

Discover the art of writing for screen with this innovative, hands-on course for aspiring screenwriters.

screenwriting workshop TAPAC

  • 9:00am - 3:00pm
Stephen J Campbell
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Ham or vegetarian lunchboxes ($10 per day) can be ordered when you pay for the course or pre-ordered each morning.

Do you want to make a great short film? Before you do that you have to get a great short film script to shoot! Discover everything you need to know about how to formulate a good script that will work on screen…

A good screenplay makes a great film. The adrenaline of a thrilling action scene, the emotion of a romantic tearjerker, and the tension of a mysterious whodunit all begin on the screenwriter’s page.

In this fun, engaging course led by industry professional Stephen J. Campbell, you’ll learn how to: come up with great ideas; structure a story; develop multi-dimensional characters; and write and format scripts for film and TV. You’ll also discover the logistics of filmmaking and how scenes and sequences work.

Please bring a pen and notebook. Students may also wish to bring their own laptops.

Teaching artist

Teaching artist

Stephen Campbell Tutor Make a Film TAPAC

Stephen J Campbell

Stephen Campbell has thirty years’ experience in the television industry and has worked as a writer, director and producer on a wide variety of genres, including award winning comedy and drama. Stephen co-created and associate produced the award-winning ICE TV and created the childrenʼs drama series, Secret Agent Men (TV3). Stephen also oversaw the production of three seasons of critically-acclaimed and award-winning series The Amazing Extraordinary Friends (TV2). Stephen’s latest drama is the sci-fi thriller The Cul de Sac (TV2).