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2 hours (with 25 min interval)

Performance Times

23 November -  7 pm

24 November - 6 pm

Ticket Prices: Adults $38, Concession for seniors and students with valid ID $22

This is an R16 event.

Wheelchair Access: To book a seat that is accessible for wheelchairs, please call our Box Office on 09 8450295


Aesop – genius of the fable – gave the world thousands of truths to be converted into freedom. Performed in Russian, this is a hymn to love and man’s freedom from Brazilian dramatist Guilherme Figueiredo and Russian dramatist Sergey Vasilyev...

Little is known about the life of Aesop. According to historical facts he was a slave. Some legends suggest he was an ugly hunchback, although his real appearance is a mystery.

One thing is known for sure – Aesop was a very smart, resourceful and inventive man. And thanks to these qualities he was able to acquire his freedom.

One of the most famous legends tells that during a feast, the lord of Aesop too boldly stated that he would drink the sea. If he couldn’t he would lose all his wealth. The next morning, realising his claim was impossible to complete, he called Aesop. The slave quickly realized the trouble his master was in and promised that he would help save his dignity and honour.

Both men went to the seashore to face a noisy crowd, gathered to see how the stupid man would “drink the sea”. Aesop explained to the people that his master could “drink” the sea, but for the rules to be met all the water from the rivers and lakes, flowing into the sea, should be removed. Needless to say, nobody was able to separate the sea, and the master saved his wealth and honour. As a reward Aesop received his freedom.

This play is presented by Russian Theatre group Our Home and is performed in the Russian language.