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Duffy & The Cloakbay Bully

$10 (under 5s free)
40 minutes


9 October - 3:30pm

11 October - 3:30pm

12 October - 3:30pm


Cloak Bully TAPAC Duffy

Duffy Books in Homes presents an entertaining and fun show to counter bullying and promote friendship through the power of books and reading.

This year we are hanging out with Duffy at school, we meet Duffy in the cloak bay where he is dealing with some pre-match nerves. He has made it into the school soccer (football) team and the butterflies in his stomach feel as though they may be a little more than nerves, lucky Duffy has a good book to keep him company in the wharepaku! But something is wrong, Duffy meets a young girl named Melanie who is having nightmares because she keeps watching scary movies and she is also being bullied at school. Duffy vows to help Melanie and through the power of reading, he shows both Melanie and her bully that they have a lot in common, they like the same stories and have the same struggles!

There will be fun activities before the show thanks to AUT including colouring and a book swap so come early to make the most of a Duffy afternoon!

Duffy Theatre is made possible by The Mazda Foundation and FleetPartners.

Cast: Forrest Denize, Josiah Robertson, Shauntelle Ono and Francesca Browne.

Director: Jeff Szusterman

Writer: Lauren Jackson

Set Design: John Parker

Costume Design: Vicki Slow

Production Manager: David Rumney