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65 minutes

Performance Time: 6:30pm

Concession Rate: Available for seniors and students with ID.

Wheelchair Access:To book a seat that is accessible for wheelchairs, please call our Box Office on 09 8450295.

Partner Dance TAPAC

Poyema Dance presents 'Partner'. What do childhood, pain, age, bones, babies, light, air, harps, flutes, feet, passion, other people and precious moments have in common? These are our partners.  Whatever road we take, they are alongside...

'Partner' is about the people/persons with whom we travel in life. Partner is 'The Other' -  it could be my friend, my lover, the music, the light, my garden, my faith, the unexpected guest...

Here I dance with a tattooed engineer; a child - perhaps the young me; a harpist whose baby is due in just a few weeks; a flautist who is a yogi; myself and my God.

I am born barefoot and alone

I will die barefoot and alone

Sometimes my friends come with me

Often they go in the other direction

I am alone - but not lonely

The music,

myself, and grace

Accompany Me