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Magical Music (5-7 Years)

 This creative one-day programme teaches children the basics of music through fun musical games that use movement and play.

Magical Music TAPAC

  • 9:00am - 3:00pm
Bleau Bustenera
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Ham or vegetarian lunchboxes ($10 per day) can be ordered when you pay for the course or pre-ordered each morning.

Discover the magic of music in this fun programme that explores movement and play, musical games, musical moods, rhythms, melody and pitch…

Children will explore musical moods through stories and they’ll discover how music can sound sad, happy, scary or exciting!

Using a simple but effective method, children will learn how to read and play complex rhythms and play along to the music. They’ll also explore melody and pitch, discovering how music moves up and down and side to side.

Experienced educator and musician Bleau Bustenera will play the violin and cello for the children so they can explore the instruments’ sounds.

Children will also make and decorate their very own cardboard violin that they can play and take home!

Teaching artist

Teaching artist

Bleau Bustenera TAPAC

Bleau Bustenera

Bleau has more than 10 years’ experience teaching music and has taught at St. Peter’s College, Remuera Music School and for the Sistema Aotearoa programme. An accomplished cellist, she has performed in orchestras and chamber ensembles including ARCO and Wairua Sinfonietta. Bleau has also performed in several international festivals including Beijing Arts Festival and Young Euro Classic (Berlin). Bleau, who has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), has a passion for making arts education accessible to a broad range of communities. She is a familiar face at TAPAC in her role as head of TAPAC’s Performing Arts Education Programmes.