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A Stress Response

90 mins

Performance Time: 7.00pm 

Ticket Prices: Adults - $20, Students & Seniors with valid ID - $15, Children under 12 - $15

Accessible Seating: To book a seat that is accessible for wheelchairs, please call TAPAC's reception on 845 0295 or email [email protected] 

a stress response TAPAC

'The fight or flight trigger is an evolutionary adaptation, designed to increase chances of survival in threatening situations. Overly frequent, intense, or inappropriate activation of the fight or flight response is implicated in a range of clinical conditions, and responsible for many modern ailments.'

The Flying Lobster and Punch Monkey Theatre companies come together to confront our most ingrained behaviours and thoughts through a deconstruction of  'Lord of the Flies', 'The Rebels of Gas Street', and some other, more modern, tales of human regression

The piece is perplexing. Our approach is chaotic. You'll be emotionally drained. 

Get deep with us, or laugh at us, or both.

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