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Styx & Stones

60 minutes

Performance Time: 7:30pm

Concessions Available: for children, students and seniors with ID

Wheelchair Access:To book a seat that is accessible for wheelchairs, please call our Box Office on 09 8450295.


Styx & Stones TAPAC

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me…. But how about a roll of the dice? React Circus Studios Rise mentorship program presents Styx and Stones...

A haunting tale of board game that has a sinister connection to another realm…

This is a circus theatre show that unfolds a dark and twisted journey through the underworld told through the use of aerials. With underlying whispers of Greek mythology threaded in, witness one woman's struggle as she plays with chance in a world full of tricks, temptation, and destruction.

Is this a game that can be won? Or is she destined to sail the River Styx forever.

For one night only, 12/12, the Styx and Stones portal will be opened at TAPAC. Book your tickets now!