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  • Mondays, to
    07:30 pm - 08:30 pm
Amira Brock
TAPAC class

These structured classes for beginners cover the foundations of different aspects of Flamenco dance, including footwork, arm and torso movements and traditional, authentic Flamenco dance steps...

You will learn to incorporate these into a short routine at the end of each class. You'll also learn palmas (flamenco clapping) to learn Flamenco rhythms, which is very important.

These classes offer a warm and supportive environment, as flamenco dance is reasonably challenging to learn and also brings great satisfaction and joy.

Please note there is NO class on Labour Day (23 October)

Teaching artist

Amira Brock TAPAC

Amira Brock

Amira Brock is a Flamenco dancer and teacher in Auckland. She started her flamenco training with Luis Ramon, (a professional dancer from Madrid). He also lived and breathed the cultural aspects - the vital ingredients. Her performance experience with flamenco artists from Spain includes Ana Lloris, Jose Yelamo, Simbad Romero, Cristina Lopez, Isabel Rivera and Paul Bosauder. She attended workshops in the Festival de Jerez 2023 and studied with Olga Pericet, Soraya Clavijo, Marco Flores and Rafaela Carrasco. Previously she has attended many workshops with acclaimed flamenco artists, for more than two decades. She greatly enjoys long-term collaborations with Auckland flamenco guitarists and has performed in many settings including Tempo Dance Festival and the World of WearableArt. Her philosophy for teaching flamenco aims for a warm and affirmative class atmosphere. Her students are encouraged to attain the highest technical standards possible, while immersing themselves in flamenco rhythms and exploring the emotionally expressive core of flamenco. She regularly choreographs performances for her students and is part of several performing groups.